Zelda Link Cosplay

Link Costume MIRROR SHIELD kids Ocarina of Time Zelda Cosplay custom made in USA

Link Costume MIRROR SHIELD kids Ocarina of Time Zelda Cosplay custom made in USA

Link Costume MIRROR SHIELD kids Ocarina of Time Zelda Cosplay custom made in USA    Link Costume MIRROR SHIELD kids Ocarina of Time Zelda Cosplay custom made in USA

This costume takes me 7 days or less to make from the time I receive all information listed below. If you want to add any items to this costume, please message me and request a custom Listing. Ocarina of Time LINK COSTUME.

With kid size MIRROR Shield. This costume has small accessories included and is intended for children.

Must specify measurements, please see below for information I need to complete your order! You can have just about any color tunic/hat you want.

Just message me to see if I have your preferred color on hand. This costume Includes the Following items.

Shoulder Belt with attached sheath. A Tunic and Hat made of a poly cotton broadcloth Fabric. It is machine washable and dryer safe.

This is the color I have for green. It's not this darker green as shown in the hat. The HAT has a small strip of elastic at the nape of the neck for just a little stretch. The headband has a foldover look.

This costume comes with a Red Mirror shield. Look at that awesome reflection. The Shield is cut out of 1/4 thick foamboard. It is 10" wide x 20" tall. The back of the shield has a 10 round of cardboard which has 2 straps firmly secured through it and glued to the shield (straps will be RED, not blue).

The decoration on the surface is mirror paper, silver paint, red frame is painted cardstock. This shiel d will not withstand excessive play, it is meant to be a visual prop for the costume so no one calls you Peter Pan! Shoulder Belt with sword and sheath attached.

And Waist Belt are 2 separate belts. The Belts are made of brown Felt fabric. They have velcro at each end to fasten. They have a real buckle, but it is just for looks.

Both belts fasten with velcro. Here are 2 images of what the actual buckles will look like (inventory changes as I sell out so these images change about every 2 years).

They are both shiny brass. The Shoe Covers are also brown felt fabric. The covers go over your own shoes and cover your shoes completely with elastic to hold them around the sole on the bottom like a stirrup. You can get your bootleg in any length, but it's good to go long and scrunch them down a bit.

You can get a camel cuff or all brown. These are also brown felt. They are like a sleeve for your forearm with a foldover cuff at the top. The SWORD is 19 long from end to end.

The blade is grey silver? Hollow blown plastic (it's the best because this blade cannot snap off and become dangerous and it will last a long time even in battle).

The sword handle is 5" wide at hilt, 3" wide at the blade and the blade is 14 long. Comes with brown plastic sheath that will be attached to the shoulder belt. You get the Mini MASTER SWORD.

The Handle is painted BLUE and there is a yellow triangle jewel (tri-force) glued to each side of the hilt instead of the round red one. Here's What I Will Need To Know.

(feet and inches for this one). Are there ANY other items you want to add?

Please see below for extras I offer. What is the Shoe size. And Please tell me shoe size # as well as whether for a toddler, youth, man or woman, I can convert European sizes, etc if you don't know in US sizes. I actually prefer to know the EUR size if you read it on the shoe. Please give me all measurements in inches or cm. Don't put "to the knee" or give me clothing sizes like Medium or Large, I can't really use that information. How big around is the largest part of your calf? How big around is the fattest part of your forearm? What is the Measurement around Your Head? Around Your waist (where you will wear your belt)? Around the hips (this is above thighs, measure around butt and front for the largest measurement). Across Shoulders (measure across the back from side to side). HOW LONG do you want your tunic? I need you to tell me exactly how long you want your tunic. Here's how to measure. Measure from the tip top of your shoulder down the front, to the place on your leg where you want the tunic to end and then add 3 inches.

Go here to see some great props! Your prices are in red. The sword is 27 long It has a Grey blade that is blown plastic (the best because it cannot snap off and become dangerous). The jewels glued at the base of the blade make it even stronger, but it is mainly a prop that you'll just want to use for show (although my boy beats the heck out of his and it has not busted yet).

The sheath is 21 long and is covered with blue fabric and decorated with ribbon, rafia and fabric paint. Back of mirror shield is white with red straps. 12" wide x 23 1/2" long. Has nice reflective mirror surface (you can see me taking the photo). Red frame is cardstock and dimensional paint.

This is a cheap toy I got at a discount store. And isn't too cheesy, but not super sturdy either, so don't get it if your kid is too heavy handed. It is super cute after I painted it blue and gold like Links Bow, and will make an excellent visual prop if nothing else. I also made a cool quiver to hold the arrows, and the bow can attach to the quiver for hands free action! I will attach the quiver to your shoulderbelt near your sheath.

The bow is about 19 from tip to tip with elastic string and comes with 3 red (green ends and black suction cup tips) arrows in the quiver. The item "Link Costume MIRROR SHIELD kids Ocarina of Time Zelda Cosplay custom made in USA" is in sale since Thursday, October 17, 2013. This item is in the category "Clothing, Shoes & Accessories\Specialty\Costumes, Reenactment, Theater\Costumes\Unisex". The seller is "sellnbuyn" and is located in Napa, California. This item can be shipped worldwide.

Link Costume MIRROR SHIELD kids Ocarina of Time Zelda Cosplay custom made in USA    Link Costume MIRROR SHIELD kids Ocarina of Time Zelda Cosplay custom made in USA